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DBW.SBW series single-phase and three-phase full-automatic compensated voltage stabilizer

voltage Stabilizer


This series large power voltage stabilizer is an energy-saving new product developed by our company by absorbing the advanced technology of Western Europe. It is provided with two systems of manual/automatic dual control, direct output and stabilizing output, with the functions of over/under-voltage protection, delay and error protection etc, it is reliable and suitable for any load..


Main Technical Data

Phase No.: Three-phase four wire system
Input voltage: Phase voltage: 220V±20%(176~264V)
Line voltage: 380V±20% (304~456V)
Output voltage: Phase voltage: 220V±2~5% adjustable
Line voltage: 380V±2~5% adjustable
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Efficiency: ≥95%
Response time: ≤1.5S (against 10% input voltage deviation)
Ambient temperature: -10°C ~+40°C
Insulation resistance: ≥2M
Waveform distortion: Non additional waveform distortion
Protection functions: Over-voltage,over-current, phase shortage, phase-equence
and mechanical failure.
Over-load capacity: 1min. at the rated current of 2 times.
Electricity-resistance strength: Power frequency sinusoidal is 2000VAC without
Breakdown and flash over when it lasts 1min



It is widely used in the place with large electricity demands such as factories, post&Communication, schools, hotel etc. Acted as whole voltage-stabilizing or single voltage -stabilizing.