voltage Stabilizer, transformer, industrial plug and socket、induction sanitary ware faucet solenoid valve

Flush-Mounted Inclined Socket

Flush-Mounted Inclined Socket

The products which widely used indoor or outdoor are used as industry plug, socket, cahle couples(celectric accessories).These may use at the rated voltage not higher than 660V, DC not higher than 440V, rated current not higher than 63A, and rated frequebcy lower than 50/60Hz, and the relative tempeture is-25°C~40°C. With no corrosive and exploding gas and condictive dust.
These products also have the advantages of dustproof ,waterproof, wrong inset proof, break proof, fire resistance, ther mostability, etc.The accessories should be made of HP-59-1 copper The products are new set of sockets with different colour cover which means use at different voltage and frequency, diameter and pole number.

423 Flush-Mounted Inclined Socket

4142 Flush-Mounted Inclined Socket

4342 Flush-Mounted Inclined Socket