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  • SC(B) Series Dry-type Power Transformer
SC(B) Series Dry-type Power Transformer

SC(B) Series Dry-type Power Transformer

Structur al features

  1. Iron core Made up of high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet that is for electric engineering

  2. Low voltage winding Made up of a whole copper foil coil

  3. High voltage winding Made up of sectional type vacuum casting double glass-fiber covered coils

  4. Low voltage terminal

  5. High voltage terminal  Variable wiring mode, which is convenient for installation

  6. Resilient pad  Avoid mechanical resonance, and reduce noise

  7. Clamp and trolley The wheel of trolley can rotates to 90° It is convenient for vertical and horizontal movement.

  8. Packing type resin insulation With advantages of damp proof, anti-damp and hot, flame-retardant, and selfextinguish. Product characteristic

The epoxy resin cast dry type transformer of Special Transformer Company of Great
is made with abroad advanced technology, it includes the following characteristics:

  1. Low local discharge As the coil is cast in vacuum state, the air bubble produced in coil can be prevented effciently, the local discharging value fully accords with relative national standard.

  2. Strong capability of lightning impact  The lightning impact voltage that affects the insulation of transformer windings along the initial voltage distribution of windings, the foil type windings initial voltage distribution approaches to linear one, therefore, the transformer manufactured by us has good ability to resist the lightning impact.

  3. Strong ability to resist short-circuit The width of copper foil of LV windings that is the reactance height, LV current is supplied according to be the requirement for ampere turns balance among windings, HV/LV windings axial force caused by short circuit tends to zero.

  4. Good performance of anti-drying crack The transformer manufactured by us is made of packing type resin and designed into the structure of full copper oil, the coefficient of insulation material is the similar to the that of thermal expansion of copper conductor, so the coils can be prevented cracking efficiently. The transformer has been done kinds of anti-crack tests, such as cold/hot alternation test, thermal impact test, rapid aging test, etc, and the test result demonstrates that our technology can meet the requirements of service occasions like low temperature, high temperature and large range of variable temperature, as well as anti-crack after the transformer runs for a long time.

  5. Strong over-load capability If the transformers of same capacity whose load consumption is equal, the sectional area of copper foil will be increased correspondingly, and the volume will be extended with the sectional area that requires more packing resin, therefore, both the thermal capacitive property of windings and short-time over load capability of transformer are quite strong.

  6. Good flame retardancy The transformer has visible features such as free-maintenance, moisture-proof, anti-damp and hot, flame-retardant, selfextinguishing, etc., besides, its stuffing type resin casting technology is good for environmental protection. When bum by the electric are at high temperature, it will not product any noxious gas. The superior flame retardancy is proved in the burning test. The product has good ability to adapt to environment, on the basis of European HD464 standard, it reaches the environment class E2, weather-resistant class FC2, flame-retardant class F1, it can be widely used in fields or locations where service conditions are rather atrocious such as commercial area, under ground, power plant, steamship, offshore drilling platform, etc.

  7. Low noise Because of special structure and design, the noise produced by transformer is reduced greatly, compared with the noise value stipulated at national Specialized Standard, its whole noise level is lower than it for more than over 10-13dB(A).

  8. Low consumption Compared with "8" character type products, SCB9 series has better economic benefit, its total consumption is reduced for 10~15% in average.

Common type temperature controller

  1. Temperature control system measures and get the temperature signal by 3 PT100 temperature-measuring elements, which is pre buried in the temperature hole at the top of low voltage coil, it controls the air cooling fan's running, and gives over-temperature alarm signal or even over-temperature tripping signal according to the winding temperature.

  2. Main functions

  1. When it is natural air cooling (AN), if the winding temperature exceeds 130℃, it will give alarm, and output tripping signal if exceeds 150℃.

  2. When it is forced air cooling (AF), if the winding temperature exceeds 100℃, the system will start the fan automatically; when the temperature is lower than 80℃, the system will stop the fan automatically; if the temperature rises continuously and exceed 130℃ , it will output ver-temperature alarming signal. When the temperature is beyond 150℃, it will input over-temperature tripping signal to the secondary protection system.

  3. The above temperature points are set by the supporting factory, if necessary, these temperature points can be adjusted, adjusting range is ±20℃.


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