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  • SVC/TND-C single-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer
SVC/TND-C single-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer

SVC/TND-C single-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer

SVC sinele-phase high accuracy full automatic AC voltage stabilizers series is key series of our products,It is made of contact type self-couping voltage regulator,servo motor ,automatic control .circuit and’ so on.When the voltage of the network is not steady or the load varies,the automatic sampling control circuit makes a signal to drive the servomotor to adjust the position of the carbon brush of the self-coupling voltage regulator so as to have the output voltage regulated to the rating and to obtain the steady state.

Having the advantages such as wide varieties,complete specifications,beautiful appearance,etc.and the charactereristics such as undistorted waveform,high efficiency,reliable performance,long-term operation,etc.and also being provided with the protective functions such as time-relay ,over-voltage ,etc.the series of stabiliazers of the general type ,are the ideal voltage stabiliaed soruces which can be widely applied to any occasions requiring power to assure the normal operation of your power driven equipment.

Main technical parameter

Input voltage 150V-260V
Output voltage 220V&110V(0.5kVA-3kVA), 220V(5kVA-30kVA)
Regulation accuracy Phase voltage 220V±3% 110V±6%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Overvoltage protection 246V±4V
Response time Within 1 sec. against 10% input voltage deviation
Environment temperature _- 10℃-+40℃
Increased temperature <60℃
Waveform disortion No-lack distortion in waveform
Overload power factor 0.8
Intensity of electricity resistance 1500V/1min
Insulation resistance >5MΩ

Overall size &Weight

Model Outline(cm) Measurment(cm) Qty Weight(kg)
SVC/TND-0.5KVA 19*17*13.5 44*24*35 4 15
SVC/TND-1KVA 22*20.2*16 49*28.5*40 4 22
SVC/TND-1.5KVA 22*20.2*16 49*28.5*40 4 26
SVC/TND-2KVA 24.5*25.8*19.5 60.5*35*25.5 1 9
SVC/TVD-3KVA 23.5*29*23 61.5*38.5*29 1 12
SVC/TND-5KVA 23*31.5*27.5 39.5*32*35 1 22.5
SVC/TND-10KVA(Ultra Low Voltage) 31*34.5*53.5 45*42.5*62 1 38
SVC/TND-10KVA 31*34.5*53.5 45*42.5*62 1 45
SVC/TND-15KVA 28*38*77 49*40*86.5 1 52
SVC/TND-20KVA 32.5*38*77.5 49*44.5*88.5 1 75
SVC/TND-30KVA 37.5*41.5*78.5 53*49*88.5 1 110
SVC/TND-45KVA 53*43*102 64*53*112 1 165
SVC/TND-60KVA 79*43*129 90*65*140 1 200


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