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Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

voltage Stabilizer

General (Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer)

Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is one kind of our competitive products; consist of contact auto voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit and etc. When the voltage fluctuates or the load varies, automatic sampling control circuit will send signal to drive the servo motor which can adjust the position of carbon brush of auto voltage regulator, then the output voltage will be adjusted to rated value and get a steady state. 

This Three phase servo voltage stabilizer is general type, which has the function of connecting via the commercial power. Compared with other voltage stabilizers, it has the advantage of great variety, complete specification, nice appearance and obvious features of high efficiency, no wave distortion, reliable performance, working continually for long time. Moreover, Neopower Three phase servo voltage stabilizer is provided with short time delay and over voltage protection, the long time delay and under voltage protection also can be set according to user requirement. This product is an ideal stabilized voltage supply, widely used in any locations requiring electricity and ensures your power device can run normally.