TSD-Z wall-mounted automatic AC voltage siabilizer

TSD series voltage stabilizer,which has on waveform distortion,small body,light weight,high-efficiency,available and convenient use,and long time operation and so on.And also can be used for many equipments,and is one of moreideal voltage stabilizer.

Scope of application

Air conditioning Computer.Test equipment,Lighting equipment,Alarm and security system,X-ray equipment,Medical equipment,duplicator,Broadcasting equipment,Nimeric control machine tool industrial robot Photographic pricessing equipment Laboratory instrument Hi-F Hi-Fi equipment.

Main technical parameter

Input voltage AC120V-AC260V AC150V-AC260V
Output voltage 220V±2%
Phase Single phase
Response time Within 1sec.against 10% input voltage deviation
Efficiencv ≥90%
Environment temperature _-15℃~40℃
Relative humidity <90%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Waveform disortion No-lack distortion in waveform
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ Normally mire than 2MΩ
Output over-voltage protection AC246±4V

Overall size & weight

Model Outputpower Packing sizes(cm) Packing
TSD-Z-3000 3000 42*32*18 1
TSD-Z-5000 5000 49*36*19 1
TSD-Z-8000 8000 52*38*25 1
TSD-Z-10000 10000 53*38*25 1

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